WordPress: Build a Theme from Scratch Part 1

In order to create a Theme in WordPress, there are a lot of steps involved, here are some snippets to remember

Under wordpress/wp-content/themes/ create a new folder /automatictheme (you can name this folder as you would like)
inside of this folder you will need a style.css file.

Your style.css file should look like this:

Theme Name: Automatic Theme
Theme URI: http://propellermind.com/automatictheme
Author: PropellerMind
AuthorURI: http://propellermind.com/
Description: This is a theme built from scratch
Version: 1.0
Tags: automatic theme

Inside the same folder, we are going to create some php files.

a header.php file will look like this:

<!doctype html>
  <meta charset="utf-8">
  <title>Untitled Document</title>

A footer.php file that will look like this:

<p>This is my footer</p>

And a index.php file that will call and include the header.php and footer.php files:

<?php get_header(); ?>
<h1>This is my index</h1>
<?php get_footer(); ?>

Go to your Worpress Dashboard and under Appeareance, Activate your new theme!

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